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Wedding preparation matters


  • 牙齒清潔 (洗牙是必須的^^)。

  • 毛髮維護 (請於拍攝前2~3周作修剪整理, 女士 : 腋毛. 手毛. 鼻毛. 腳毛 清除, 男士 : 鼻毛 清除)。

  • 手足護理 (光療指甲. 指甲彩繪. )

  • 面部保養 (去角質. 敷面膜是必須的^^)。

  • 每天都要撥空在鏡子前面練習笑容。

  • 拍攝前一晚,請不要為頭髮上護髮產品(含潤絲)。

  • 睡前勿喝太多水。

  • 梳化當日,請著前開襟式服裝。

  • NUBRA(膚色),安全褲, 隱形眼鏡(變色放大片), 高跟鞋, 拖鞋, 必須攜帶。

  • 貴重物品請務必整理統一置於主要包包。

  • 臉部也請不要使用任何保養產品,因為來店時我們會進行妝前面膜保養。

  • 一定要記得吃早餐。

  • 若拍攝當日有任何妝髮與拍攝疑問, 請立即與工作人員反映, 不要勉強拍攝。

☆請記得於收到檔案後2個月內,將檔案保存下來. 逾期不負保管責任。









  • Teeth cleaning (scaling is a must ^^)

  • Hair Maintenance (Please trim 2 ~ 3 weeks before shooting, ladies: armpit hair. Hand

hair. Nose hair. Foot hair removal, men: nose hair removal).

  • Hand and foot care (phototherapy nail. Nail painting.).

  • Facial (Exfoliating. Mask is necessary to apply mask ^^).

  • Practice emptying a smile in front of the mirror every day.

  • A night before shooting, please do not use hair products (including rinse).

  • Do not drink too much water before going to bed.

  • Comb the same day, please wear a cardigan style clothing.

  • NUBRA (skin color), safety pants, contact lenses (color enlargement), high heels,

slippers, you must bring.

  • Please be sure to organize the valuables placed in the main bag.

  • Face please do not use any maintenance products, because when we come to the

studio before makeup mask maintenance.

  • Must remember to eat breakfast.

  • If there is any makeup on the day of shooting and shooting doubt, please immediately reflect with the staff, do not force barely shoot.

☆ Please remember to save the file within 2 months after receiving the file.

☆ The scheme does not include the ticket fees for the location of shooting outside cars

and locations.

☆ If there is a special shooting needs, in addition to the studio capacity, the studio refused

to take the case of the right.

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