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Overseas wedding photography precautions




如果需要我們協助幫新人帶出國(或帶回國), 得再找一個攝影助理一起出國,新人需要另外支付攝影助理的機+酒費用。


如果行程裡排太多的"拍攝景點" (3個以上就算很多了),往往是塞車塞到不行,遊客多到不行,拍攝角度反而受限什麼都拍起來是人潮洶湧的擁擠感。 捲捲建議選擇大概1~2個拍攝景點,有指標意義的即可,我們並不是拍攝"到此一遊"的觀光客照片。我們重點仍然是拍攝彼此相愛的婚紗照,有的是那笑容和開心的旅行,而不是趕場般的照片。國外風景多是特殊且新鮮,巷弄間的美麗真的往往讓人記憶深刻。

住宿部分, 海外拍攝梳化時間都會安排比較早( 大約凌晨 ) , 新人須至造型師入住的房間進行梳化, 所以捲捲建議可與工作人員確認入住地點, 新人預定同一間或是鄰近飯店。

As long as there is a date in the middle of the shooting can do, do not need the same trip the same date, we will arrange a discussion before departure at least once.

Weddings and suits require the couple to bring their own abroad.

If we need to assist the couple to bring the clothes abroad (or bring them back ) , we may find a photo assistant to go abroad together and the bridegroom will have to pay additional fees for tickets and accommodation costs.

Whether domestic or foreign shooting, many beautiful are alienated nature with the unexpected alley, do not bother to line up with law-abiding, but carefully understand.

If the trip row too many "shooting attractions" (more than three or even a lot), is often stuck to the traffic jam, not as many tourists, the shooting angle but what are all shot up crowded sense of crowded.

We suggested to choose about 1 or 2 shooting attractions, there are indicators of significance, we are not shooting "this tour" of tourists photos. Our focus is still on the wedding photo shoot each other love, some smiles and happy travel, rather than hurry-like photos.

Most foreign scenery is special and fresh, the beauty between the alley often make people remember deeply.

Accommodation section, the overseas shooting combing time will be arranged earlier (about midnight), the couple to be stylist room to be combed, so we are recommended to confirm with the staff to check places, the couple book the same or adjacent hotels.

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