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Pregnancy photo preparations


  • 拍攝前可在鏡子前稍微練習放空微笑表情及肢體動作。

  • 拍攝前如有種植睫毛,建議卸除乾淨。

  • 拍攝前一個月建議盡量保持完整眉型,瀏海請勿過短。

  • 拍照前一天,請先將頭髮清洗乾淨,無須擦髮油及髮雕,並請刮除腋毛。

  • 拍照前一天睡前少喝水,以免眼睛浮腫,並保持充足睡眠。

  • 當天請先用完早餐,保持充分體力 。

  • 當天請穿著前扣襯衫,以便換衣服時較好穿脫,穿著內衣褲以寬鬆為主,拍攝皮膚較不易有勒痕。

  • 臉部也請不要使用任何保養產品。 (若您預定為自理妝髮方案 , 請忽略此段準備事項)

  • 拍攝以兩套服裝為主 ( 便服建議攜帶棉麻T恤 ) 。

  • 工作室裝潢以粉光水泥為主,每日皆有安排清潔作業,但還是會有細沙產生,若您會介意,建議家人皆需準備鞋子入鏡拍攝唷。

  • 拍攝作業進行時,我們非常歡迎家人側拍作紀錄唷(以不影響攝影師拍攝為主.)。

  • 建議攜帶物品  


白色平口小可愛 / 白色可拆肩帶之內衣








☆請記得於收到檔案後2個月內,將檔案保存下來. 逾期不負保管責任。


  • Before taking a shot in the mirror a little practice empty smile expression and body


  • If planting eyelashes before shooting, it is recommended to remove clean.

  • It is recommended to keep a complete eyebrow shape one month before filming

  • The day before the photo, please first clean the hair, no need to rub oil and hair

carving, and please remove the armpit hair.

  • Do not drink water before going to bed the day before taking pictures to avoid

swollen eyes and keep enough sleep.

  • Please run out of breakfast the same day to maintain full physical strength

  • The day before wearing buttoned shirt, in order to change clothes to wear better off,

wearing underwear to loose the main filming the skin is less likely to have Le marks.

  • Face please do not use any maintenance products. (If you book as a self-care makeup

program, please ignore this preparation)

  • Shoot mainly in two sets of clothing (casual wear cotton T-shirt is recommended), you

can spare B sets of clothing, time allowed for you to add B sets of clothing.

  • The studios are decorated mainly with powder cement. There are daily arrangements

for cleaning work, but fine sand may still be produced. If you are concerned, it is

recommended that your family members prepare the shoes for filming.

  • When the shooting is in progress, we very much welcome family members to make a

record . (without prejudice to the photographer).

  • Recommended items

Silicone chest stickers

White flat little cute / white detachable shoulder strap underwear

Skin color and black underwear

Overall with casual clothes (family photo use)

Pupil to enlarge the film

Can be taken into the mirror shoes

☆ Services limited to 3 small family-based. Increase the number of people into the mirror

to $ 1,500. / Bit calculation.

☆ Services provided by a man and a woman combing, combing men can not be changed

to a woman combed. To increase the number of combs to $ 2,500./Bit calculation.

☆ Please remember to save the file within 2 months after receiving the file.

☆ If there is a special shooting needs, in addition to the studio capacity, the studio

refused to take the case of the right.

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