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How to pick a photo





婚禮當日的照片,因為拍攝時間較長.數量較多,處理時間為45天. 期限內,我們會將檔案寄至您的Gmail信箱.您需要在收到編號後挑選80張照片製作婚紀相本唷.一切處理完成,我們會將隨身碟與相本寄至您提供的通訊地址。

(特別提醒:婚紀照片一般是沒有提供修片服務唷,因為婚禮當天人.事.物.太複雜....... )



  • ​Gmail 帳號

  • 電腦(這個非常重要唷~~)行動裝置(手機)​無法在未解壓縮時瀏覽喔,檔案下載後需要解壓縮在傳到行動裝置觀看,或是在桌機使用WINDOWS內建的檔案瀏覽器也可直接開唷

  • 通訊地址

☆請記得於收到檔案後2個月內,將檔案保存下來. 逾期不負保管責任.

Our photographers who scroll home are very efficient .

Photo and wedding series of photos, after your happy shooting schedule, about 10 days (excluding holidays), the file will be uploaded to your Gmail mailbox, you can easily pick at home, reply the number to mail, we That is for you to follow-up process. Do not need to spend time in the studio again ^^

Once the filming is completed, we will send you a proof copy (about 7 business days of receipt of the letter). Confirmed, all files will be included in the pen drive (with and without file repair), mail to your address.

The photo on the wedding day is longer because it takes a longer time to process. The processing time is 45 days. We will mail the file to your Gmail account within the specified period. You will need to select 80 photos after receiving the number.一. Once the processing is completed, we will send your flash drive and photo album to the mailing address you provided.

(Special reminder: wedding photos are generally not provide repair service 唷, because the wedding day. Things. Things too complicated .......)

At this point, do you know what information you need to prepare first?

That's right!

  • Gmail account

  • Computer (this very important ~ ~) mobile devices (cell phones) can not browse when unzipped Oh, after downloading the files need to decompress the spread to mobile devices to watch, or desktop machine using WINDOWS built-in file browser Can also

be opened directly

  • Mailing address

☆ Please remember to save the file within 2 months after receiving the file.

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